Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ramadan Mubarak 2017

Alhamdullilah my last day of work coincides with the kids school holidays and the fasting month.

Managed to get the kids up for sahur & start fasting.

First Ramadan, kids fast until 2.30pm. We went for their masjid PTC and then off to JB to give the car some accessories. Broke our fast at The Chicken Rice shop in Aeon Tebrau.

2nd Ramadan, kakak had flu. Both kids didn't fast. I de-cluttered the entire house and got rid of unused items - in 12 plastic bags.

3rd Ramadan, kids fast till 12.30pm only. Brought them to Seletar Mall to run errands and got them assessment books to practice.

4th Ramadan is today. We just finished English practice and painting. Going over to my mum's place today as kids got ngaji. May sleep over & break fast as there as well so she don't get too lonely without the kids.

I have an interview tomorrow. All I can pray for is to get a good job, with good pay, and good bosses and co-workers. I leave it to Allah and trust that if the job is meant to be mine, it will be. In sya allah.

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