Sunday, September 3, 2017

Their first beach experience

2 September 2017

We were invited, or rather, forced, by my mum to attend a picnic organized by my preggy sister, Amy, who wanted to have one. She claimed her son wanted to play sand and they didn't want to go alone.

Only Nina and my husband didn't attend as they had to work.

We were there from 11am to 6.30pm.

It was the first experience for the kids in the sand, sun and water.

Because of peer pressure from Bibik and the rest, my kids involuntary stepped on the sand and water.

My son was swimming in the sand first as he was afraid of the waves. After a few hours, then he felt comfortable swimming in the sea, with assistance of course.

Now, they are badly burnt but thank god, it will be a week of school holiday for them to recover.

5 days rest

So I was on MC on 30-31 August. 1 Sept is a PH followed by the weekends.

5 full days of rest day since I started work.

That's what my body needed most now.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Salam Jumaah

Salam all...

Friday's blessing.

I left my place at 8.08am today, and was reaching the end of the line at 8.20. Thinking to myself, wow, i will reach work early today.

Spoke too soon, an announcement on the train that says a 15 mins train delay at the downtown line was heard.

Thankfully, when I reached the affected station, the delay was minimal. Reached office on time, not early. And best thing was, the entire train ride is free. Think its the damage control done by SMRT.

Alhamdullilah.. Salam Jumaat everyone.