Friday, August 18, 2017

Salam Jumaah

Salam all...

Friday's blessing.

I left my place at 8.08am today, and was reaching the end of the line at 8.20. Thinking to myself, wow, i will reach work early today.

Spoke too soon, an announcement on the train that says a 15 mins train delay at the downtown line was heard.

Thankfully, when I reached the affected station, the delay was minimal. Reached office on time, not early. And best thing was, the entire train ride is free. Think its the damage control done by SMRT.

Alhamdullilah.. Salam Jumaat everyone.

Monday, August 14, 2017

In love with my new workplace


That's how I felt everytime I walked in my new office.
Lushed in black as the theme color, where my seat, table, PC, 2 screens, ear-set (for phone), the mouse, are all black. Including our cupboards.
Very chic and classy.

Everytime I hear the sound of my heels when I walk at the walkway to the pantry or toilet, I will smile abd whisper Alhamdullilah.

Thank you Allah, for this opportunity to join a big company. A company of global presence. Where the pantry is filled with food and drinks of all varieties in the event I didn't bring lunch etc.

And so far, thank you Allah for nicer boss and colleagues. May it continue this way, and may this job helps my nawaitu from the start.

In Sya Allah. Amin.