Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Regret, Probably?

Last Monday, I was given my pay check.

That is also after I requested to have it before I go on leave.

And my boss decided to not give the last Friday before when she came, and suddenly made it as though she is doing me this favour.

Anyway, I DID NOT GET BONUS this year.

Can you believe that?

After all the efforts I did for the company this year, and all the money that they had made.

NO BONUS? Despite the fact that my direct superior know that I wish to repay back all other liabilities I had.

How do I tell the people I owe that I can't pay them back now becuase I had no bonus?

Last monday was my 7th year wedding anniversary, and husband's birthday.

We ended up fighting due to some misunderstandings over money.

I had already started asking around for jobs next year, and I will begin my job search once my leave starts tomorrow.

Since my notice period is 3 months, I have to find a job first before resigning.

Sigh. Regret joining back, seriously.

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