Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recapping the Year of 2016

2016 has been a slow roller-coaster ride.

As you know by now, I re-joined the job that I had previously resigned from. Bad decision...

My kids started their new school this year. This was a blessing as they had learnt to speak English and able to converse in English very well.

We travelled to KL in May for my cousin's wedding, Penang & Perlis during the fasting month, KL again in November and will be going to KL and Port Dickson again in sya Allah for the new year. Before you guys start accusing me of enjoying ourselves, you may like to be informed that we brought at most only $400 per trip. We scrimp and save to ensure that we do what we needed to do in a budget.

Work-wise is Ok without the lady boss. No tentions, and all deadlines met.

Liabilities to people were not paid at all, as we had to manage our finances with the bank.

I can only pray for a better 2017 where husband will be promoted, and that I can settle the liabilities to the people I owe ASAP.


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