Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Their First Birthday Party

18 December 2016.

On my birthday, we hosted my kids birthday party attended by about 40 close family and friends at our crib.

It is their first birthday party ever. First for Farrell and technically the first for Qistina (although she wouldn't remember that we hosted a big party for her 1st year birthday).

Alhamdullilah everything went on smoothly on that day (except for a few glitch before).

This just shows how true the fact that Malays are generally lazy and wouldn't grab opportunities first-hand.

Budgetary issues in consideration, I posted 2 ads on Facebook with nothing to hide.

1. $30 house-cleaning ad.

Job scope:
a. wash 2 toilets
b. clean 3 windows, service yard door and 1 tiny window panes at the kitchen
c. wash 3 ceiling fans
d. wipe away ceiling dust and lights
e. clean the kitchen stove
f. vacuum and mop

No limit to the hours. If it can be done in 1 hour, you will get $30 and if you need to take 4-5 hours, it will still be $30.
Received a few interested party and decided to give to the one who replied the ad first. He also negotiated for higher rate and we agreed on $35.
Come that day, he said he cannot come as he is tired after night shift. When asked, why then did he agree to my terms and to come at 10am? His answer - "Sorry but I am desperate for money."

If you are desperate, then all the more work for it.

2. $50 basic photography for the birthday party.

Only requirement: Owns a camera and can take decent shots. Photos will be transferred to laptop after event and payment on the spot.
Food and goodie bag will be given. To stay for 1.5-2hrs. BUT, I had also asked if it would be an issue to stay longer if necessary in case guests come late etc. Anyway, the party was only from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. The person who replied said - "Sure, no issue."

I also received several interests from this post, and had given it to the first one who replied to the ad.

After lesson learnt from the post previously, I had taken liberty to text about 3 weekends leading to the party if she is confirm coming for the photography. Every week, the answer is "Yes confirmed."

On the day of the party, I received an SMS from someone who claimed that she had been assigned the job from the person who has been liasing with me from day 1. And it ended with, we will do the transfer of photos by 3.50pm latest.

I was like, HELLO? Didn't I engage your service for 1.5-2hrs? Where did 3.50pm come from? Even if it was 2 hours, it is 4.30pm. And what happen to the fact that it was agreed to stay longer if need be?

Is $50 a small amount generally? You come to a party, just click shots of everything and everybody, food given, goodie bag given. No need to edit photos etc. And you are not even a professional.

- In the end, husband and I had to sleep lesser and clean the house ourselves despite our hectic schedule and repaying back our fast in between.

- We also took turns to remind ourselves to be the photographer by clicking shots with our own phones for memories.

Of course we also got photos from other guests who came, but we wanted to have photos of everybody who attended the party and sharing the day with us.

Due to the trauma that I had when no one else came to my birthday party when I was 8, I briefly told my kids that I invited a few people to the party only. When they ask why, I said, because a lot of people are on holidays. I felt that I had to manage their expectations (not that they had any as they never had a party before), but it was also to calm myself down. I was in cold sweats in case nobody came.

I also told them that there may not be many presents. To be honest, they were happy enough with one present that my sister gave in advance. They had been wanting to open the present but I told them to do so only at the end of the party.

Catering was set up by about 2.30pm and still nobody was in sight. I started to panic a little but calmed down when I saw my aunt and her family, my grandmother and another aunt from JB came. Then my parents came. Then I saw my friends, and everybody else started coming in.


We started the doa selamat at about 3pm with about 20 people.
Followed by the cake cutting, kids photo (about 8 kids), our kids photo and our family photo.

And then it's just minggling around and eating and eating.

Menu for that day was catered by Delihub Catering:

1. Sambal Fried Rice
2. Curry Chicken
3. Sauteed Broccoli & Mushroom
4. Fried Prawns in chilli crab sauce
5. Chicken siew mai
6. Nonya Laksa
7. Chicken & Mutton Satay
6. Mini eclairs
7. Iced Green tea jelly with cocktail
8. Tropical Fruit Salad
9. Lemon Fish
10. Curry Samosa

11. Malay Kueh - Talam Pisang & Kole Kacang - ordered from FB
12. Nutella Blossoms - Ninja Turtle & Ultraman Theme - ordered from FB

We also bought 2 theme-cakes: Ninja Turtle for Qistina & Ultraman for Farrell from Whimsical Bakes. Whimsical Bakes also did our goodie bag - 4 pieces of rose meringue.

Everybody commented that the food and cakes were delicious. Alhamdullilah.
Worth our every cents.

Presents-wise, kid received a few more branded toys, school bag, water bottle, watch, books, playdoh & ang-paos.
Kids were definitely very happy.

On my birthday, I received a neelofar hijab and Baby-G watch.

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