Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pre-party 17 dec 2016

So i had signed up both my kids for:
1. Weekday twice a week phonics
2. Ngaji session twice a week
3. Reading club every saturdays.

Started in end november and ending by next week. Except for the ngaji session that will end till end year.

My intention was really to help them learn to read before going to P1 and of course, deviate their attention from the gadgets at my mum's place.

Decided to also end the year off different by investing in my kids education rather than keep paying off my liabilities which are somewhat never ending...

Anyway, fast forward to 17 dec..

The reading club on saturday was the last session, hence it was a 3hr class.

The teacher of the phonics weekday class is having a wisdom tooth surgery and cant teach on 20 dec. So she had requested to have the class earlier on saturday.

Reading club - 9 am to 12pm
Phonics - 3pm to 4.30pm

I thought, should be ok.. since kids will have a 3hr gap to rest.

The day itself, the teacher asked if the class can start at 2pm. I thought, 2hrs rest is fine. So i said ok.

But on the day, farrell was cranky. Woke up cranky probably due to a cough that was starting to build up.

Qistina seems annoyed for having to wake up early.

Both went ahead with the reading club. I told them to participate and have fun as that was the last session. And besides, we are having a birthday party on the 18.

Kids agreed. At 12pm after i fetched them, then i started cooking.

Couldnt come back earlier as we were running errands for the birthday party.

Fed them at 1.30pm and warned them to do their best in the phonics class. Otherwise, i told them that i will cancel the party.

Kids really did their best, especially farrell although he was falling asleep. I heard him laugh, answer the teacher's questions etc.

Immediately after class, he started being cranky again.

Made him milk, and he slept from 3.45pm to 6pm.

I was so proud of him. So very proud for keeping his word and participate in class.

Enjoy your party tomorrow buddy. I love u very much. My 3 yr 11 mths 27 days old son.

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