Friday, June 16, 2017

Count my blessings

Sometimes when I don't get what I want, I will tend to feel very dissatisfied, disappointed, anxious and useless.

Till the fact that I sometimes forget the blessings in life that Allah has given me, Masya Allah...

It was after solat zohor yesterday that it dawned to me - syukur that I was given the opportunity to solat at home, spend time with kids the whole day and even have naps in the afternoon. I mean, when else can it happen? And blessings that coincide with Ramadan? SubhanAllah!

Yes, i might be jobless now, and worry about paying bills, paying ppl I owe, the school fees, car loan etc.

But I have done ny efforts in job search and will tawakkal to Allah to give me the best in my life.

Alhamdullilah that I was given the opportunity to solat at home, and now Im starting to ngaji after every solat.

Alhamdullilah I managed to spend priceless times with kids. We didnt go anywhere else every day and they didn't seem bothered. Alhamdullilah that they enjoyed spending time with me.

Alhamdullilah for all the simple meals I managed to whip up for buka and sahur. Meals that my husband can bring to work cooked by me, instead of my mum.

Alhamdullilah to be given time to do house work at my own convenience instead of rushing over the weekends.

Alhamdullilah to be given time to nap and teach my kids when we all are ready and can focus. Kids can slowly read in malay now, and im teaching them addition and subtraction as well.  Going to go on to time and money afterwards.

Alhamdullilah to meeting my husband every single day instead of skipping 2 days whenever he goes on night shift.

Alhamdullilah for the ability to bring my kids on a week's trip to KL and Malacca on our forever $400 budget. Managed to get kuih rayas for myself, my mum and sister. Managed to buy hari raya clothes and clothes for kids. Managed to meet some Datok Aliff Syukri and go to CT Nurhaliza's boutique. And best of all, kids get to stay in both condo and kampong and experience it all.

Alhamdullilah ya allah. I might be jobless now, but I got so much more in return.

The best is yet to be, in sya allah.

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