Friday, January 13, 2017

Birthday Party in School

11 January 2017

Alhamdullilah. Another kids birthday party in school achieved.

Bought a 0.5kg cake from Polar for each of them. Kakak chose a Tinkerbell image and Adik chose the Power Ranger image.

Cake was good although refrigerated the night before. Husband was on night shift before the party so we had to sleep over at my mum's place and the cake was collected a day earlier.

Prepped the goodie bags at 11pm the night before as i ended work late thanks to my lady boss who got my priorities mixed up.

Went to Ntuc at 11.30pm to buy more stuff as i just realised the goodie bag size bought was quite big. The items bought for the party seemed relatively small.

Things inside a goodie bag:
1. 2 different sized balloons
2. 1 packet of twisties/cheezels
3. 1 packet of small raisins
4. 1 pack of rice crackers
5. 2 gummy sweets
6. 1 pack of mashmallow (ind wrapped)
7. 1 apollo wafer
8. 1 apollo cracker

Kids & their friends were so happy when we came with the cake n goodie bag.

Note to self: Get a bigger polar cake next time. In sya allah.

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