Sunday, November 20, 2016

Birthday Party

My daughter had requested for a birthday party in school nxt year.

My son had requested for a birthday party at home, after he had much fun at his cousin's party.

So husband and i had decided to accede to their request, although we are having some budgetary constraints because of the reasons below:

1. My son never had a birthday party before. About 8 months after he was born, we fall into the financial crisis.

2. My daughter will be in her final kindergarten year next year. Come 2 years later, she will be in P1. It will be difficult to be cutting cakes etc unless if its just a goodie bag distribution to 40 kids.

So i have decided to make this party, a doa selamat cum birthday party for both kids.
Doa selamat to thank Allah for all his blessings thus far, for our good health, good relationship, better pay, and in sya allah a promotion for husband next year.

The date is confirmed. Doa selamat at 2.30pm followed by cake cutting on 18 dec, at my crib.

There will be limited invitations due to space, but really hoping my invited guests will come.

P/s: i am still traumatised by an incident when i was 8, where i invited my friends to my party but none came. I only had 2 guests, which was my aunties. 😭

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